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Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing in Nassau County, New York

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Do I need a new roof?
Should I be concerned about curling shingles?
How much will a new roof cost?
Can I place a new roof over my old one?
How much insurance should my contractor have?
How long should my roof last?
Should I be concerned with granules in the gutter?
I am considering having both roofing and siding installed. Which should I do first?
What types of warranties are available?
What’s the difference between a contractor’s guarantee and a manufacturer’s warranty?
How do I process a warranty claim?
Should I be concerned if my roof has blisters?
What is Ice Damming?
Do you need adequate Attic Venting?
What building codes impact my roof?
What Causes Leaks?
What will void my warranty?
What are the benefits of roof maintenance?